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A Look at the Benefits of Meditation

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Meditation is a powerful method to connect your internal and external worlds. It provides the individual with a sense of awakening and benefits the conscious and subconscious build-up of the mind. From the vast amount of meditation perks, a few are below:

1. Relieve All Your Stresses

Stress is the bodies response to unforeseen situations, and meditation works as a natural stress stabiliser. Immediate threats confronted raise the level of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, and stimulate the Autonomic Nervous System, which is accountable for the fight-or-flight responses. Studies of the brain have revealed that meditators have lower levels of cortisol in the brain, explaining their resilience and insightful nature.

2. Improve Your Intuition

Allowing the practice of meditation to become a part of your daily routine, is an excellent way for professionals to increase the probability of success (agreed upon by researchers). Studies have shown that both transcending and mindful practices improve brain decision-making and problem-solving procedures, which can bring a beneficial change to our professional life.

3. Enhance Your Empathy

Loving, kindness or compassion. Meditation triggers neural connectors in your brain sites that manage positive emotions like compassion and understanding. Meditation induces a deep flow state of being, building our social connectedness and causes us to be more loving and friendly as a person.

4. Promote Self-Worth

Meditation boosts emotional strength and wellbeing. Studies have also shown that meditation improves self-image and self-worth. When meditating, we get a distinct vision of our mind and become more conscious of the thoughts that trigger emotions and actions in the moment.

A study found that consistent meditation reduces the likelihood of exhibiting depression and mood-related disorders (Jain, Walsh, Cahn, 2015). Meditative practices that promote positive thinking, as stated by researchers, could improve the overall emotional health of an individual.

5. Induce The State Of Flow

Ever realised how meditation consumes you into the moment? Mindful awareness is natural when meditating, and we reach this state of 'flow' where our mind is at entire harmony with itself. An eight-week mindful meditation course found that regular meditators had heightened attention and concentration span. People who meditated for short periods showed more focus than individuals who did not meditate at all (Jha, Krompinger, Baine, 2007).

If your anything like I used to be, you've read multiple blogs like this and are still not convinced that meditation has the potential to change you. I broke this mentality one day and decided to follow a training program on an app called 'Headspace', and it's safe to say I wouldn't look back. While I'm not currently a daily meditator, I like to use the practice in the mornings, to set me up for a good day, or before bed, to clear my mind.

Try it today and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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